Responsible Operations <br/>for a Sustainable Future

Responsible Operations
for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable development, environmental protection
social welfare, employee well-being

Our vision

Our vision

"Turning Taiwan's dry noodles into a part of European and American food culture."

Professional noodle factory

Professional noodle factory

Import semi-automated production equipment to increase production
capacity and stabilize production quality

Laboratory specifications

Laboratory specifications

Monitor the quality of noodles the industry's most stringent standards,
and provide test reports


About Us

Safety and health and
Quality Capacity
Modern workshop with both

KING NOODLES CO.,LTD. was established in 2019. It is a professional noodle manufacturer. The plant planning aims at meeting food safety and hygiene, and introduces semi-automated production equipment to increase production capacity and stabilize production quality. It is a modernization of both safety, health, quality and production capacity. Plant. KING NOODLES CO.,LTD. produces various types of cube noodles and sun-dried noodles. It has the characteristics of product diversification, high production capacity and stable quality. We actively pass various food safety management system verifications and channel audits to strive for the generation of major brands. Work orders to realize the vision of TSMC.

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One-stop OEM service

Adhering to the original intention of assisting customers to succeed, providing professional consulting and one-stop OEM services

  • 產品討論
    Product discussion
  • 麵條研製
    Noodle making
  • 包裝設計
    Package Design
  • 量化生產
    Quantitative production
  • 品質檢驗
    Quality inspection
  • 出貨
We provide packaging suggestions for noodles。
  • Package size recommendations
  • Packaging process recommendations
  • Packaging material recommendations

We will take the initiative to understand the product promotion plan with the brand, and adjust the output flexibly.
Let the brand customers' orders and the production capacity of the foundry achieve a balance.

Quality has always been our strength。

Since the completion of the factory, it has passed ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000 in three months, and passed the costco audit once half a year later, with a total score of 94 points.

Our foundry services include the provision of noodles and assembly services.

Assist domestic and overseas shipments, flexible shipping services

Focus products

Noodle products focus on taste and Q degree. Taste and Q degree are closely related to the width, thickness and flour selection of noodles.
Jinshangpin's noodles are available in nine widths, the thickness can be adjusted, and the noodles can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Quality control

With laboratory specifications, microbiological monitoring, and accelerated experiments, the quality of noodles can be monitored. The water activity of the noodles is below 0.4 and the moisture content is below 9%. The industry's most stringent standards allow customers to transport their noodles abroad without any problem. And can provide test reports to ensure the rights and interests of clients.